Today was quite a long walk as I combined two of the stages recommended in my guide book into one. It took me about 8 hours with a climb at the end that seemed it would never end !

Early in the day the route crossed a wide open field of wheat .

Via Romea germanica Pozzuolo

I just followed my trusty GPS and the barely discernible path!

Later in the morning the route followed for quite a while the watershed between Lake Trasimeno to the east

and the much smaller Lake Chiusi to the west.

Via romea Germanica

These lakes are fed by little streams and nothing flows out. My friend Franco told me that Lake Chiusi is also fed by an underground river.

A few years ago, a section of a road I walked along collapsed and a 2nd century BC Etruscan tomb was found underneath.

You can see the lighter coloured asphalt where the collapse occurred, the cover over the tomb and the distant Lake Chiusi in this photo.

Here’s a view of the tomb, unfortunately locked up

and a drawing of what it looked like inside .

This was a pleasant road to walk down .

The long and winding road.

I passed many olive groves .

A beautiful old olive tree.

Via romea Germanica Pozzuolo

The poppies are everywhere .

I met two other pilgrims for only the second time in 5 weeks. This French couple were walking in the opposite direction to me towards Assisi.

They have done a walk of over 2,000km from Vézelay near their home to Santiago de Compostela!

This underpass was a bit tricky .

A wiggly road on my GPS

It’s very green and everyone comments on how much rain they’ve had.

Via romea Germanica Pozzuolo

I arrived at the little town of Città della Pieve at around 5pm having started at 9am.

The town has an interesting medieval centre with lots of covered laneways .

A laneway goes right under my bedroom.

Ravioli di Conta Senese.

Tomorrow it’s a short 22km stroll to another little town of Etruscan origin, Ficulle .