After giving Roni the huge hotel Bernese Mountain Dog a farewell tummy scratch, I set off for Brixen.

Heading out of town I passed a big grass airfield. I’d seen gliders turning to land out of my bedroom window yesterday.

Along the narrow valley everything was straight. The freeway ran straight, the bike path was straight and even the river was straight !

Via Romea Germanica Italy Vipiteno

There was a castle on each side of a pinch point of the valley.

Via romea germanica Vipiteno sterzing

Once again I shared the way with cyclists and as it was Sunday there were families out for a ride. Although at times a bit hard in the feet, the cycle path is a quick and safe way to walk.

Via Romea Germanica Italy Vipiteno

For part of the walk today, the route takes leave of the cycle path to head off on pleasant trails up the side of the valley through little villages.

Via romea germanica Vipiteno sterling

Via Romea Germanica italy Vipiteno Via Romea Germanica Italy Vipiteno

And then my peaceful walk turned nasty . Major works of some sort had closed the cycle path forcing me to walk for quite a long way along the busy highway.

Via Romea Germanica

I’ve seen quite a few barns with old tools on the side but this is tbe best yet with a fantastic collection.

I passed a huge fortress straddling a narrow part of the valley. It was built by the Austro -Hungarian empire in the 1830s to keep the Italians out. A hundred years later, Mussolini strengthened the fortifications fearing that Hitler would invade the German speaking Süd Tirol area. After the two dictators made a pact of friendship, this work was halted.

What a beautiful old tree!

Via Romea Germanica Italy

There are lots of fruit orchards around here with the trees heavily pruned and looking a bit bonsai-like.

The last part of walk is along the banks of the Eisack or Isarco river into Brixen or Bressanone.

Just outside town is the huge Augustinian Abbey of Novacella dating back to 1142. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to visit.

Brixen is another attractive town. I particularly liked the frescoed 14th century cloister. The colours are still incredible.

Via Romea Germanica Bressanone Via Romea Germanica Bressanone

Via romea germanica Bressanone brixen

Tirolian kids’s clothes.

Finally tonight I’ve found a hostel to stay in and I was hoping to meet others walking my route as I’ve always done on other pilgrimage walks. Alas the huge four floor hostel seems almost deserted .

I did find a nice place to dry my washing !

Via Romea Germanica Bressanone